Web Fonts in the news: WOFF and the W3C

Recently the W3C announced that the WOFF (Web Open Font Format) was published as a submission. This is an important development in the evolution of Webfonts, as WOFF was conceived as a new interoperable web font format. The W3C has a a Web Fonts Working group that is focused on standardizing on WOFF for Webfonts.

One of the main benefits of WOFF is that it repackages a TrueType or OpenType desktop font with lossless file compression to reduce latency, and also allows for meta data to be included in the package.

The Web Fonts service from Ascender provides support for WOFF - it is automatically delivered to web browsers like Firefox 3.6+

As other web browsers add support for WOFF, we will update our Web Fonts service and subscribers to our service will get instant support without having to do a thing to stay current with web browsers as they evolve and improve.