We are pleased to announce significant updates to Microsoft’s popular Georgia® and Verdana® fonts that will appeal to everyone who depends on these workhorse typefaces.

The original fonts were designed over 15 years ago by Matthew Carter for use on screen as part of for Microsoft’s “Core fonts for the Web” package. But with only four fonts in each family this has limited designers and handcuffed their typographic choices. All that is about to change!
This project has been years in the making, and thanks to the collaboration of Matthew Carter, Monotype Imaging and The Font Bureau, the new Georgia Pro family and Verdana Pro family are finally available.

Highlights of these new fonts include:
  • Each family contains 20 total fonts
  • New weights include Light, SemiBold, and Black (with matching italics)
  • New Condensed family with 10 fonts
  • OpenType typographic features including small caps, fractions, figure styles
Web font versions of these wonderful fonts are available at the Fonts.com Web Font Service.

    Here is a list of the four main font packages:
    Georgia Pro (10 fonts)

    Georgia Pro Condensed (10 fonts)

    Verdana Pro (10 fonts)

    Verdana Pro Condensed (10 fonts)