Font Feature: Egyptian Slate by Rod McDonald



The Egyptian Slate™ typeface family was designed by Rod McDonald and first introduced in 2009. This versatile slab serif family has 12 fonts in total: six weights ranging from light to black with corresponding italics (created by Carl Crossgove).

Egyptian Slate is a robust, open design that works well in print and on screen. It is available in OpenType with a wide variety of typographic features: oldstyle figures, fractions, ligatures and case sensitive forms.

Linotype fonts now available on


The respected Linotype library is both historic and still very relevant to designers today. It contains thousands of the world's most important typefaces including Helvetica, Avenir, Palatino, Univers, Trade Gothic and DIN Next. The Linotype library includes fonts created by many of the type design masters, including Adrian Frutiger and Hermann Zapf. is proud to now offer the Linotype library to our customers. Enjoy!



Best of 2011

With the end of the year in sight we wanted to showcase some of the best new fonts of this past year. On behalf of the and Monotype Imaging team, all our best wishes to you for a Happy Holidays!


Kat Tail

The Kat Tail™ HMK font family comes in two weights: regular and bold. A wonderful set of script fonts from the Hallmark™ Design Collection with a lively, pointed pen style that will appeal to those with an eye for sophistication.

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The Jackalope™ font is a new original script from LetterPerfect. The design is a hybrid of pressure pen calligraphy infused with whimsy and curlicue terminals. Letterforms are free-spirited and edges are rough, simulating spontaneous writing on rough paper.

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Alana Pro

The Alana™ font is a natural looking, semi-connected script face designed by Laura Worthington. Based on hand lettering, it has a slightly rough look and feel and can be used for both casual and formal settings.

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Ayita Pro
Ayita Pro

The cheerful Ayita™ Pro sans serif design has an exuberant rhythm and flow. Designed by Jim Ford for Ascender it has an impressive range of weights with 14 fonts in the family. Originally conceived as an upright italic design, the Ayita typeface family remains contemporary, friendly and elegant yet hard working.

Ayita's open shapes render faithfully at small point sizes and on device screens while the compact design allows more characters per line for headlines. The Ayita Pro fonts feature a typographically-rich Latin character set, with OpenType® features for advanced design applications and a variety of decorative patterns and ornaments to fuel your creativity. An OpenType-compatible application is required to access the advanced typographic features.

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Calluna Sans

Designed by Jos Buivenga of exljbris, the Calluna™ Sans design is a humanist typeface family based on the popular Calluna serif fonts. The Calluna Sans family has 10 fonts: five weights each with a matching italic. There are 716 glyphs in each font, with extensive language coverage and OpenType typographic features including small caps, figure styles, ligatures and more.

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Museo Sans Rounded
Museo Sans Rounded
The Museo™ Sans design gently unsharpened... that's Museo Sans Rounded. It doesn't have italics, but it does have a very heavy weight. The spacing and kerning have been optimized for display use. Museo Sans Rounded was designed by Jos Buivenga of exljbris and is a wonderful addition to the popular Museo family: Museo, Museo Sans and Museo Slab.
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Georgia Pro
Georgia Pro

The Georgia® typeface family received a major update in 2011 by Monotype Imaging, Font Bureau and Matthew Carter. The new and expanded Georgia Pro family contains an impressive range of 20 fonts. The Georgia Pro and Georgia Pro Condensed families each contain 10 fonts: light, regular, semibold, bold and black (each with matching italic styles).

Georgia Pro includes a both an extensive character set and a delightful variety of advanced typographic features including true small capitals, ligatures, fractions, old style figures, lining tabular figures and lining proportional figures. Designers will be especially happy to have fonts with the lining figures set as default, which are great for use in annual reports, charts and other financial documents. And like the original Georgia fonts, all of these new weights and styles are optimized to look wonderful on screen and in print.

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The Geotica™ font family was designed by Jos Buivenga of exljbris. The idea behind Geotica was to build a font out of more or less simple geometrical line elements. The open wire frame could then be left open or (partially) filled. Geotica comes in four different grades or line thicknesses to make it suitable for a broad range of use. The Geotica fonts are loaded with wonderful OpenType typographic features including swashes, final forms and lots of ligatures and ornaments. (note: an OpenType-savvy application is required to access these typographic extras)

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The Technotyp™ typeface was designed by Coen Hofmann (Herbert Thannhaeuser) and released by URW++. It originates from the hot metal face designed by the German typographer Herbert Thannhaeuser (1898-1963) for the East German type foundry Typoart in Dresden. Until now it was only available for hand composition.

This new digital version of a charming type family, with its distinct flavor of the 1950s, is added to the faces designed by Herbert Thannhaeuser. To increase the usefulness of the digital Technotyp family, italics were created for all the weights and the character set was expanded to support eastern European and Cyrillic languages, making it a very versatile font family.
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The Yana™ font family was designed by the talented Laura Worthington and released in 2011. As Laura describes it... "It was a sunny summer afternoon, and Yana and I had escaped the graphic design studio we worked at for lunch. We sat at an outdoor patio eating and discussing fonts. In particular, we discussed a serif face that would be so versatile, from simple to complex styling, with letters adorned with swashes we would be able use it for just about everything." We hope you agree that this elegant display typeface, with its swash caps variants, can breathe new life into headlines.

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The Dempster™ display font is tall, bold and square with interesting details such as the angled terminals on the lowercase letters and friendly-looking punctuation. Designed by Jim Ford for Ascender, this typeface could feel at home with art deco and modernism themes, as well as sci-fi and high-tech flavored graphics. Dempster features the WGL character set which includes extended Latin, Greek and Cyrillic support.

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WallFlowers II
The WallFlowers™ II symbol font features 26 unique hand-drawn wallpaper tiles and 45 icons for standalone use, designed by Laura Worthington. This font can be used as icons, borders or wallpaper patterns. Wallflowers are very easy to use. For borders or wallpaper, simply type the same letter consecutively (for example: aaaa or bbbb, et cetera) and voila! The pattern will emerge. A PDF users guide is included with the font for instruction and to view the patterns included.View Fonts Online



Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro now available!

We are pleased to announce significant updates to Microsoft’s popular Georgia® and Verdana® fonts that will appeal to everyone who depends on these workhorse typefaces.

The original fonts were designed over 15 years ago by Matthew Carter for use on screen as part of for Microsoft’s “Core fonts for the Web” package. But with only four fonts in each family this has limited designers and handcuffed their typographic choices. All that is about to change!
This project has been years in the making, and thanks to the collaboration of Matthew Carter, Monotype Imaging and The Font Bureau, the new Georgia Pro family and Verdana Pro family are finally available.

Highlights of these new fonts include:
  • Each family contains 20 total fonts
  • New weights include Light, SemiBold, and Black (with matching italics)
  • New Condensed family with 10 fonts
  • OpenType typographic features including small caps, fractions, figure styles
Web font versions of these wonderful fonts are available at the Web Font Service.

    Here is a list of the four main font packages:
    Georgia Pro (10 fonts)

    Georgia Pro Condensed (10 fonts)

    Verdana Pro (10 fonts)

    Verdana Pro Condensed (10 fonts)

    HOW DesignCast with Steve Matteson - Branding Through Custom Typography

    Please join us Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 4:00 p.m. eastern time for a presentation from renowned type designer Steve Matteson. Steve serves as our creative type director and may be best known for typefaces he has designed for Microsoft and Google.
    Typefaces are a critical tool for creating a brand voice. Used properly, type will maintain a positive connection between a product and a user – particularly in an interactive setting. Steve will discuss why type is important, the type design process and challenges faced in creating typefaces for electronic media.

    Steve had the honor to give this presentation at the recent InHouse Managers Conference in Chicago, and has been asked by HOW to deliver an encore.

    The presentation will begin at 4:00 p.m. (EDT) on Tuesday, Aug. 16. Register at HOW DesignCasts.

    Endurance Pro On Sale Now!

    Endurance Pro Complete

    The Endurance® Pro typeface family was designed by Steve Matteson to fill the need for a more elegant and approachable neo-grotesque sans serif design. The name Endurance lends itself to the fact that the typeface was designed to work well under extreme conditions from billboards to mobile phone screens.

    And now through April 30, 2011 you can save 50 percent on this wonderful set of fonts. Regularly $249, it is on sale for only $125!

    Endurance Pro Complete

    The Endurance Pro family contains a total of 12 fonts in a range of styles, including condensed weights. It was designed with legibility as a key attribute and with careful detailing for a more refined appearance in large sizes. It works well for use in both screen and print applications and is also available with a Web font license.

    Endurance Pro Complete

    Endurance Pro is available in both TrueType® and OpenType® font formats with advanced typographic features including old style and proportional figures, fractions, superiors and a slash zero.

    Endurance Pro Complete

    The Endurance Pro family has an extensive character set with Pan-European language support to meet the needs of multinational companies. The WGL character set includes support for Latin 1, Latin 2 (Eastern European), Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish and Baltic.

    We hope you will find Endurance Pro to be a valuable typeface family to add to your typographic repertoire. And at only $125 for all 12 fonts, it is an especially attractive special price! Hurry, this special offer ends on April 30, 2011.

    Great New Fonts From URW++

    We're very proud to announce the addition of some great new fonts to our collection from the folks over at the URW++ Type Foundry.

    Below are some of the great new fonts available for purchase:

    Cut Off

    The Cutoff™ Pro typface family was designed by Fulvio Bisca as an elegant, unusual and legible semi-serif with contemporary flavor. Cutoff Pro features a balanced and readable design good for publications, in text and headline sizes. It has an extensive character set including support for Greek and Cyrillic.

    Alcuin Pro

    URW Alcuin Pro typeface was designed by Gudrun Zapf von Hesse and produced by URW++ . Alcuin Pro is an elegant, calligraphic style featuring OpenType typographic features including true small caps, old style figures and more.


    The Filo™ Pro font family is a very beautiful and highly legible typeface family with regular, medium and bold weights. It was designed by Saskia Noll to render well in text sizes and as headlines. Filo Pro is a modern interpretation of the humanistic serif: not too dominant, with soft and organic forms. Filo Pro comes with an extended Latin character set including a large number of beautiful ligatures as well as small caps and different sets of figures.


    The Neustadt™ font family was originally designed as a corporate font for Sport 2000, one of the leading buying groups in the European Sport Retail Industry. The characters have smooth curved spines and little contrast combined with a big x-height. These characteristics make Neustadt perfectly usable for many applications in text and headline sizes.