Arabic Typesetting font


Arabic Typesetting
Arabic Typesetting at - Original Arabic Typesetting font by Microsoft available in TrueType. Arabic Typesetting preview & instant download.

NOTE: You must have an application program that supports Unicode-encoded complex script fonts, such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Office for Windows (Mac Office does not currently support complex script fonts). Adobe Creative Suite users must have the Middle Eastern version, or a plug-in such as IndicPlus.

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Arabic Typesetting Font Information

Family Name:Arabic Typesetting
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:5/22/2002
Modified Date:11/9/2010
Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Latin Extended-A
Latin Extended-B
Spacing Modifier Letters
Combining Diacritical Marks
Latin Extended Additional
General Punctuation
Alphabetic Presentation Forms
Arabic Presentation Forms-A
Arabic Presentation Forms-B
Code Pages:1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe
1254 Turkish
1256 Arabic
1257 Windows Baltic
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Hinting:0-6 Smoothed
7-20 Hinted
21+ Hinted and Smoothed