Huxley Vertical Regular


    Huxley Vertical Regular
    A delicate narrow sans serif face with an apparent even weight, it is characterized by low cross strokes extended to the left.

    Keywords: Huxley Vertical Regular, American, Artdeco, Monoline, Decorative, Caps Only, anno 1930, Holiday, Retro, narrow, sansserif, capsonly, economical, newyork, novelty, light, round

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    Huxley Vertical Regular Font Information

    Version:Altsys Fontographer 4.1 18/09/95
    Family Name:Huxley Vert ICG
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:1/1/0001
    Modified Date:1/1/0001
    Unicode Ranges:
    Code Pages:1251 Cyrillic
    1254 Turkish
    1255 Hebrew
    1256 Arabic
    1257 Windows Baltic
    1258 Vietnamese
    852 Latin 2
    775 MS-DOS Baltic
    737 Greek; former 437 G
    708 Arabic; ASMO 708
    850 WE/Latin 1
    437 US