ITC Braganza Complete Family Pack


    Braganza ITC
    Braganza ITC
    Braganza ITC Light
    Braganza ITC Light

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    Braganza ITC Font Information

    Family Name:Braganza ITC
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:1/2/1970
    Modified Date:9/4/2001
    Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
    Latin-1 Supplement
    Latin Extended-A
    Spacing Modifier Letters
    Greek and Coptic
    General Punctuation
    Mathematical Operators
    Code Pages:1251 Cyrillic
    1254 Turkish
    1255 Hebrew
    1256 Arabic
    1257 Windows Baltic
    1258 Vietnamese
    Hinting:0-6 Smoothed
    7-12 Hinted
    13+ Hinted and Smoothed