Koomerang Square Font


Part of Koomerang Family (6 fonts)
Koomerang fulfills a need for a simple, but radical semi-sans serif typeface with rounded terminals. It is a quirky, yet legible font with a variety of unique variants: outline, shadow, contour. The Koomerang fonts are named after popular Australian destinations and common Australian indigenous words. Koomerang means “hill of clouds,” Canberra is Australia’s capital, Bondi means “water breaking over rocks” and is a beautiful beach in Sydney, Uluru is the name given to the world’s largest pebble and Kakadu is a national park.

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KoomerangSquare Font Information

Family Name:Koomerang Square
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:8/18/2008
Modified Date:8/18/2008
Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Latin Extended-A
Latin Extended-B
Spacing Modifier Letters
Greek and Coptic
General Punctuation
Currency Symbols
Letterlike Symbols
Mathematical Operators
Alphabetic Presentation Forms
Code Pages:1252 Latin 1