Linotype Kropki Roman


    Linotype Kropki Roman
    Characters made out of jumping balls that jump on the floor. This could have been the inspiration for Piotr Wozniak to create letters in such a form. Its just a caps font. The uppercase letters are positive and the letters on the lowercase positions are reversed. Ideally to be used for Tennis clubs. A fun font which could create a nice logo.

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    Linotype Kropki Roman Font Information

    Family Name:Kropki LT
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:7/7/2006
    Modified Date:8/30/2006
    Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
    Latin-1 Supplement
    Latin Extended-A
    Latin Extended-B
    Spacing Modifier Letters
    General Punctuation
    Currency Symbols
    Letterlike Symbols
    Mathematical Operators
    Geometric Shapes
    Alphabetic Presentation Forms
    Code Pages:1252 Latin 1
    1253 Greek