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Categories: Italian Old Style
Locarno Italic LET
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Locarno Italic is an italic roman typeface that evokes a strong 1920's - 30's appearance. The capitals have an open, 'engraved' decoration that combine perfectly with a lowercase featuring elegant, tall ascenders. Adapted by British designer Alan Meeks from Rudolf Koch's original design for the Klingspor Typefoundry. Letraset Locarno Italic ©1985 Esselte Letraset Ltd. - Alan Meeks

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Product ID: 12890

Locarno Italic LET Font Information

Family Name:Locarno Italic LET
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:1/1/0001
Modified Date:1/1/0001
Unicode Ranges:
Code Pages:869 IBM Greek
437 US