Lucida Bright Math Font Family


Categories: Slab Serif
Lucida™ Bright Math Family (3 fonts) includes math symbols in a variety of forms, spread across three fonts. The Lucida Math fonts contain a wide variety of mathematical symbols, including all of those recommended for mathematical publishing (except for the Cyrillic alphabet). This is also a superset of the character set used by the TeX math composition software. Use the Lucida Bright Math Family (3 fonts) to create math equations or whenever specialized symbols are required. Combines well with Lucida Calligraphy for mathematical script characters, and Lucida Blackletter for mathematical blackletter/fraktur characters. Lucida Bright Math fonts also work well with the other Lucida fonts (such as Lucida Bright), as well as with most popular text faces, such as Times New Roman, when mathematical composition is needed.

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Lucida Bright Math Extension Font Information

Family Name:Lucida Bright Math Extension
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:Yes
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:10/30/1991
Modified Date:2/5/2006
Unicode Ranges:Private Use Area
Code Pages:Symbol Symbol Character Set