New Berolina Regular


    New Berolina Regular
    Martin Wilke designed the dynamic calligraphic typeface New Berolina in 1965.
    The light line of the strokes and the strong stroke contrast lets New Berolina dance across the page.
    Broad, generous capitals complement beautifully the narrower lower case characters with their low x-height.
    The capitals can also be used as initials.
    Used carefully and with generous line spacing, New Berolina will lend any text a fresh, lively look.

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    New Berolina Regular Font Information

    Version:1.047;PS 001.000;Core 1.0.38;makeotf.lib1.6.5960
    Family Name:New Berolina MT Std
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:5/15/2003
    Modified Date:5/15/2003
    Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
    Latin-1 Supplement
    Latin Extended-A
    Latin Extended-B
    Spacing Modifier Letters
    Greek and Coptic
    General Punctuation
    Currency Symbols
    Letterlike Symbols
    Mathematical Operators
    Geometric Shapes
    Alphabetic Presentation Forms
    Code Pages:1252 Latin 1