OCR A Alternate


OCRA LT Alternate
OCRA LT Alternate
OCR A and OCR B are standardized, monospaced fonts designed for "Optical Character Recognition" on electronic devices. OCR A was developed to meet the standards set by the American National Standards Institute in 1966 for the processing of documents by banks, credit card companies and similar businesses. This font was intended to be "read" by scanning devices, and not necessarily by humans. However, because of its "techno" look, it has been re-discovered for advertising and display graphics. OCR B was designed in 1968 by Adrian Frutiger to meet the standards of the European Computer Manufacturer's Association. It was intended for use on products that were to be scanned by electronic devices as well as read by humans. OCR B was made a world standard in 1973, and is more legible to human eyes than most other OCR fonts. Though less appealingly geeky than OCR A, the OCR B version also has a distinctive technical appearance that makes it a hit with graphic designers.

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OCRA LT Font Information

Family Name:OCRA LT
Fixed Pitch:Yes
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:6/5/2003
Modified Date:6/5/2003
Unicode Ranges:
Code Pages:1254 Turkish
1256 Arabic
1257 Windows Baltic
852 Latin 2
737 Greek; former 437 G
708 Arabic; ASMO 708
437 US