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@font-face{ font-family: Ravie; }

Ravie Font


Categories: Exotic
Ravie is from The Font Bureau and contains 274 glyphs. "Rave" means to speak with wild enthusiasm. The Ravie typeface was drawn by Ken O'Brien from 1993 to 1994, while a student at the Art Center in Pasadena, California. The Ravie font exudes the funk and energy perfect for your next dance party. Ravie font character set: Latin 1.

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SKU: FB-RAV01-01-01-05

Product ID: 11291

Ravie Font Information

Family Name:Ravie
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:6/7/1998
Modified Date:2/27/2009
Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Code Pages:1252 Latin 1
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Hinting:0-6 Smoothed
7-11 Hinted
12+ Hinted and Smoothed