Sports Value Pack


    DF Energetics LET Plain:1.0
    DF Energetics LET Plain:1.0
    Princetown LET Plain:1.0
    Princetown LET Plain:1.0
    ITC Pioneer No2
    Linotype Holiday Pi 1
    Linotype Holiday Pi 1
    Vialog Signs Sport
    Linotype's Sports Value Pack has everything a designer for a hometown Little League team could need, or any other sports enthusiast, could need. The package includes three symbol fonts and two traditional fonts, one of which is just like the sort of lettering found on team jerseys.

    Energetics is a symbol font that includes 98 different pictograms, each showing figures engaged in athletic pursuit. The characters are drawn with a strong black & white drawing style, which helps stress the dynamic quality of the images. The details in Energetics' symbols come out best when they are used big.

    Linotype Holiday Pi 1 is another symbol font. This one includes 81 pictograms showing various family vacation sports and activities, including as sailing, horseback riding, swimming, dog walking, and more!

    ITC Pioneer No2 is an outlined block-letter typeface. Each letter has a black drop-shadows falling to its lower left. The letterforms are all caps, and are reminiscent of the lettering in big advertisements seen in old-fashioned stadiums.

    Princetown is an outlined "baseball-letter" typeface: the font's letters have no curves; diagonal lines have replaced typically rounded elements. Very similar to the style of lettering found on collegiate and professional sport team jerseys, Princetown is a great design element for almost every team sport (baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc).

    Vialog Signs Sport is a symbol font with 78 navigation pictograms that would each fit perfectly inside sports venues, airports, train systems, or on Olympic games signage.

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    DF Energetics LET Plain:1.0 Font Information

    Family Name:DF Energetics LET
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:1/1/0001
    Modified Date:1/1/0001
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