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Veriox Rg
Veriox Rg
Veriox Rg Italic
Veriox Rg Italic
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Veriox Sb
Veriox Sb Italic
Veriox Sb Italic
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Veriox Rg Bold
Veriox Rg Bold Italic
Veriox Rg Bold Italic
What’s cooler than a hyper-ellipse? If current trends in sans serif type design are anything to go by, a compact sans serif with hyper-elliptical forms and subtly angled branching should fit that shoe. But designers need more than just a contemporary shoe—they need shoes people will notice with the requisite style to make spectators ponder the message, without stealing the show. Fractured strokes on k, v, w and x give Veriox a competitive edge devoid of the self-conscious post-modernism afflicting its rivals. A binocular “g” maintains the lineage with tradition we expect.

Three weights—regular, semi-bold and bold—give Veriox practical range and stomping power, and matching italics provide contrast for text use. Veriox™ is a trademark of Typodermic Fonts.

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Veriox Rg Font Information

Family Name:Veriox
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:8/3/2007
Modified Date:8/3/2007
Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Latin Extended-A
Latin Extended-B
Spacing Modifier Letters
Combining Diacritical Marks
Greek and Coptic
Latin Extended Additional
General Punctuation
Currency Symbols
Letterlike Symbols
Number Forms
Mathematical Operators
Code Pages:1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2: Eastern Europe
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Hinting:0-6 Smoothed
7-12 Hinted
13+ Hinted and Smoothed