Xmas Value Pack


    Categories: Blackletter
    Cabarga Cursiva LET Plain:1.0
    Cabarga Cursiva LET Plain:1.0
    DF Calligraphic Ornaments LET Plain:1.0
    DF Calligraphic Ornaments LET Plain:1.0
    Englische Schreibschrift LT Regular
    Englische Schreibschrift LT Regular
    Koch Antiqua LT
    Koch Antiqua LT
    Linotype Russisch Brot Eat Regular
    "Tired of seeing the same typographic motifs repeated year after year when the holiday season comes around? At Linotype.com, we are breaking the mold with our Xmas Value Pack! Five fabulous fonts are sure to set the mood for cheer and gift giving, and include an exquisite symbol font along with four other typefaces. These selections all work together to create a superb seasonal spirit."

    Keywords: Xmas Value Pack, American, Elegant, Headline, Ornamented, Figures, Bodyshaped, Personal, Blackletter, Freak, Deconstructed, Faces, Decorative, Illuminated, Handmade, Speedy, Children, Ornaments, Sans Serif, Serif, Dingbat, OsF, DFR, Dynamic, Exquisite, anno 1910, anno 1990, anno 1995, anno 1500, Cen

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    Cabarga Cursiva LET Plain:1.0 Font Information

    Family Name:Cabarga Cursiva LET
    Fixed Pitch:No
    Symbol Encoded:No
    Embedded Bitmaps:No
    Creation Date:1/1/0001
    Modified Date:1/1/0001
    Unicode Ranges:
    Code Pages: