Zentenar Fraktur halbfett


Part of Zentenar Fraktur Family (2 fonts)
Zentenar Fraktur was designed by Ralph M. Unger. The name of this blackletter font family was chosen due to the centennial of the Bauer Foundry, Frankfurt am Main, in 1937. Ernst Schneidler probably created the most beautiful of all frakturfonts. They are the fruit of countless calligraphic drawings and of many years of professional experiences. Zentenar Fraktur became in its time the workhorse among German blackletter fonts. These fonts contain various useful ligatures, and by using discretionary ligatures and typing N,r and period you get an oldstyle number sign.

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ZentenarFraktur-Halbfett Font Information

Version:1.000;PS 1.00;hotconv 1.0.57;makeotf.lib2.0.21895
Family Name:Zentenar Fraktur
Fixed Pitch:No
Symbol Encoded:No
Embedded Bitmaps:No
Creation Date:1/12/2011
Modified Date:1/12/2011
Unicode Ranges:Basic Latin
Latin-1 Supplement
Code Pages:1252 Latin 1
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)