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Rolling into April at high speed there is no stopping the Ascender Team from bringing you more great fonts, more great type foundries and more great deals! Introducing LetterPerfect™ fonts and a variety of new typefaces including “Jeanne Moderno” and the Segoe family... And this month Ascender's Type Director, Steve Matteson, concludes his series of articles on “Sans Pointy Things”.

Designers Toolbox
"Sans Pointy Things – Part 4"

From Grotesques to Humanists, who knew sans serif fonts could be so interesting? Steve Matteson provides insights into the design and use of Sans Serif fonts. Read the article


Letter Perfect - New Type Foundry at Ascender

LetterPerfect is a specialized independent type foundry offering a diverse range of carefully-crafted, original fonts. Principals Garrett Boge and Paul Shaw have a well-earned reputation for their type design skills and creative expertise. Explore the historically-inspired and wonderful script and display fonts in the LetterPerfect collection, now available at AscenderFonts.com. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: All LetterPerfect fonts are on sale now at 20% off! Offer expires April 30, 2009

Jeanne Moderno™

Futura Discaps Book Font - Preview and Download Today Jeanne Moderno is an exciting font family from Steve Mehallo, the Sacramento-based designer. Jeanne Moderno has nine fonts in total and is a synthesis of Bodoni and Ultra-Bold “Fat Faces” with a heaping of other artistic influences. We think Jeanne Moderno will become a best-seller, what about you? Special savings this month only on Jeanne Moderno fonts!

Jana Thork™ Pro

Jana Thork Font - Preview and Download Today New from Outras Fontes, Jana Thork Pro is a font packed full of OpenType features! (note: you'll need Adobe Creative Suite or QuarkXPress to access the features) With over 120 extras including ligatures and swashes, Jana Thork rocks with its multitude of uses for headlines, titles and short texts.

Huxley Vertical™

Huxley Vertical Font - Preview and Download Today Oozing Art Deco style and character, Huxley Vertical is a delicate typeface that harks back to the roaring 20's and 30's. It's tall characters and forms give Huxley Vertical a unique look and feel. An ideal font for projects such as wedding invitations and place cards for example.


Pupcat Font - Preview and Download Today Another great font from Ray Larabie – Pupcat has a personality overflowing with fun and instantly brings to mind the typefaces of 1960's Hollywood. With OpenType features such as alternate A,E and R, fractions, ordinals and many more, Pupcat is a rousing font for any designers library. Use Pupcat for your next surf party invitation or beatnik poetry contest!

Segoe™ Family of Fonts

Segoe Family of Fonts - Preview and Download Today Ascender is pleased to offer a selection of fonts from the Segoe Family from Microsoft. Segoe was originally created to unify Microsoft’s products and branding, and contains a versatile collection of typefaces that covers a wide range of styles. From Segoe Script & Segoe Print, cool cursive handwriting typefaces to Segoe TV, a great display typeface designed specifically for MSNTV with improved legibility in mind.