April Font News

This month we are pleased to showcase a delightful range of fonts from the ITC®, Linotype® and Monotype® typeface collections! These include some workhorse typeface families with a versatile range of weights and styles.


The Egyptian Slate fonts come to us from Monotype Imaging. Designed by Rod McDonald, Egyptian Slate can work for a huge variety of design projects ranging from small type setting to big, bold headlines.

The Egyptian Slate complete family pack contains six weights ranging from the very svelte light right up to the commanding and strong black. Each upright version comes with a complimenting italic version. The OpenType version comes with an extended character set that supports most Central European and many Eastern European languages.


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Smack ITC

Smack™ is a script font by Jill Bell that doesn’t follow the rules, and is certain to grab your reader's attention. Each character looks like it was scratched and dragged by an angst ridden Gen-Xer -:)

Smack's letterforms alternate between thin and thick strokes alternate and are accompanied by fine dots which almost look like accidental drops of ink on the paper. Smack is an illustrative font with unmistakable handwriting character and is perfect for cartoons, comics and anything else which is not supposed to take life too seriously.

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The wonderful Akko™ typeface family is a fresh new design from Akira Kobayashi. Akko is available in six weights ranging from thin to black - each with complementary Italics. The family is available as a suite of OpenType™ Pro fonts, allowing for the automatic insertion of small caps, ligatures and alternate characters. Pro fonts also offer an extended character set supporting most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

Kobayashi says, "My initial idea was to create a san serif type with a 'soft-focus' effect," says Kobayashi. "From here, the design evolved into two families, the robust and structured san serif Akko and soft and friendly Akko Rounded." 

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Trade Gothic

Trade Gothic Next® is Akira Kobayashi's 2008 revision of Jackson Burke's 1948 design. Developed over many years, the original Trade Gothic was filled with many inconsistencies. Under the direction of Akira Kobayashi, Linotype's Type Director, American type designer Tom Grace was commissioned to redesign, revise, and expand the Trade Gothic family. 

Kobayashi and Grace refined many details such as the terminals and stroke endings, symbols, and the spacing and kerning. Moreover, there are newly added compressed widths and heavy weights perfect for setting even more powerful headlines. The Regular weight has been beefed up making it stronger and more robust in text settings.

Trade Gothic is a staple of the advertising and newspaper industries, and now Trade Gothic Next brings more features and better quality for today's astute typographers. In addition several weights are available as soft rounded versions.

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The Francker™ and Fancker Condensed typefaces were designed by Anders Francker, an engineer and designer living in Denmark. This Linotype offering is a great sans-serif typeface family based purely on clean and simple principles.

Francker's lowercase letters appear somewhat reduced, as the a, b, n and u have no spurs. The family is available in nine weights, from Extra Light to Extra Black. Excellent areas of use for Francker signage, posters, magazines, advertisements, or logos; wherever a timeless, modern look is needed.

The Francker font families are also available with a large Pan-European large character set that includes support for Greek, Cyrllic, Central and Eastern European languages. This includes both Francker Pan-European and Francker Condensed Pan-European.

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