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To help inspire you and make Earth Day special this year, we have selected a few fonts that have organic, natural or environmental characteristics. And we’re offering them at special discounted prices through the end of April.

We’d like to tell you how these fonts were all hand-crafted using sustainable type design practices. The reality is who knows how many hours the type designers spent at the computer toiling away on these designs while consuming bottled water or drinks with high fructose corn syrup. We can say that all fonts you buy at AscenderFonts.com can be instantly downloaded, thus saving countless tons of packaging from going into the trash. So compared to the old days of shipping fonts on floppy disk or CD we have come a long way!

Take a look at these specially-priced fonts, and this Earth Day celebrate by choosing fonts that can make a positive impact.


Manito LP Font

Manito is named after a native American word for 'Great Spirit'. It was designed by Garrett Boge to represent woodcut letters. Manito features a complete character set with Caps & Small Caps letters that capture the outdoors with adventure and style. Save 20% on Manito now through the end of April.


Kolo Regular - Preview and Download Today

Designed by the talented Paul Shaw, the Kolo font family captures the essence of Vienna's turn-of-the-century Art Nouveau movement. Kolo adds a touch of grace and style to headlines. This versatile family has four different fonts that can be combined or used individually. SAVE 20% through the end of April on this wonderful font family!

Endurance™ Pro Condensed

Endurance Condensed Font - Preview and Download Today

NEW! We are proud to announce condensed weights of the popular Endurance Pro font family. Endurance was designed by Steve Matteson to fill the need for an elegant alternative to Arial and Helvetica. Endurance Pro features careful detailing for legibility on screen at both small and large sizes. The new condensed fonts allow you to set more text on a page, providing economy while maintaining readability.

Endurance Pro Condensed includes over 600 glyphs supporting the WGL Pan European character set (Western & Eastern European, Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish & Baltic) and OpenType features such as Fractions, Proportional, Tabular and Old Style Figures.