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The Monotype Imaging team understands that not every font problem can be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. While it would be nice to have a ready-made font for every situation, this is often not the case. Monotype Imaging's talented type designers have worked with a variety of corporations, publishers and agencies to create custom fonts and bespoke fonts for branding and corporate identity programs.

Monotype Imaging has produced a variety of custom fonts and bespoke fonts from simple projects such as inserting a logo into a font or converting PostScript® Type 1 into OpenType®, to complex projects such as extending the character sets for a multilingual font family for a corporate identity system, the experts at Monotype Imaging can help you create the right custom fonts.

Monotype Imaging offers custom type designs to suit your taste and custom fonts needs. Let us design sharp looking OpenType or TrueType custom fonts for your unique application.

Stages of Custom Type Design


What is a custom font or bespoke font? It can be described as either modifications to an existing font or a completely new font designed for a particular use.

Who needs a custom font? Typically our customers fall into these categories:

  • Hardware and software companies with specific font needs for their products
  • Creative Professionals that need to convert fonts to a new platform
  • Publications undergoing a redesign
  • Enterprises seeking unique branding or corporate identity typefaces

There are many benefits to custom fonts, including the ability to create a unique look to match a brand, and freedom from counting workstation licenses. Monotype Imaging is well-known for its creative and technical expertise, and for our ability to manage projects to deliver on-time and within budget. We describe our custom font services as “the art and technology of type”.

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