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We're proud to announce the addition of the Laura Worthington font foundry to Laura has been a graphic designer since 1997 and she has a deep passion for type and lettering design. She has produced a growing collection of delightful script, handwriting and display fonts. Many of these fonts are packed with a variety of OpenType features including alternates, ligatures and swashes to provide spontaneity and random flourishes. Laura's wonderful type designs are full of vitality and charm, and we hope you'll agree that they can add a vibrant touch to a wide variety of projects.

Laura Worthington

Tiva is the newest font from Laura Worthington. It gives the impression of handwriting with the refinement of hand lettering. To achieve this effect, Laura kept in some of the quirks and the naturally occurring variations in writing such as letters that drop slightly below the baseline and some above. She added in several automatic letter combinations, with particular attention to double letter pairs (such as ‘oo’ or ‘ee’), to further accentuate the organic effect of handwriting. 60 OpenType alternate letters are included in this typeface, allowing the designer even more creative possibilities.
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Bianca is lively and full of excitement! This hand lettered script captures attention and calls for a closer look. This OpenType font features over 50 alternate glyphs and will have your audience wondering - is it a typeface – or was it was written by hand?
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Regina - an elegant and flowing script font suitable for headlines, wedding invitations and advertising. Named after, and dedicated to Laura's mother - whose beautiful handwriting always inspired her.
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Here is Laura's story on how Yana came to be: It was a sunny summer afternoon, and Yana and I had escaped the graphic design studio we worked at for lunch. We sat at an outdoor patio eating and discussing fonts. In particular, we discussed a serif face that would be so versatile, from simple to complex styling. With letters adorned with swashes we would be able use it for just about everything: we could customize it for logos and headlines and then be able to use the same font for text too – it would be a designer’s tool kit. I told Yana that as soon as I figured out how to design type, that would be one of the designs I would create – and I would name it after her. She laughed, and said, “Well, I’ll be the first person to buy it.”
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Recherché, a unique hand lettered font, began with hundreds of sheets of paper filled with letters rendered with a pointed brush. During the process of refining the font, Laura realized that it had the potential to be very versatile, transitioning from casual to elegant with the use of over 100 alternate swash letters which include a set of formal capital letters.
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Grindel Grove
GrindelGrove is Laura's first typeface and began with a brochure she designed for a native plant habitat garden. She drew some scenic backgrounds with charcoal, used pen and ink to stipple detailed scientific drawings of the plants to be showcased in the garden, and brush lettered on watercolor paper the headlines for each section of the brochure. When showing the first stage of this font to friends and family, she received several interesting and a few funny remarks on it. Many believe that GrindelGrove looks eerie, spooky, scary and well suited for a story of a vampire or Halloween. Another friend said, "Aaarrgh Matey - it has a wee bit of a pirate look". Others commented that it reminded them of elves, fairies, dragons and demons, and finally - some said it had an organic and natural look and feel.
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Origins is a calligraphic font with an antique look and feel, complete with 140 alternate characters and ornaments. This type design was hand lettered with a Crow Quill pen on parchment paper, providing it with its natural, rough appearance. Origins features gracious ascenders and descenders for an elegant, handwritten look. It is well suited for headlines, titling, weddings, advertisements and more, Origins has a realistic and custom lettered appearance - especially when combined with its many alternates. Use the ornaments specifically designed to complement this font to add appeal to your design.
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Ladybird is a lively and playful typeface, featuring numerous ligatures and a few alternates, which will bring lots of fun to your design. Ladybird’s joyful nature will bring excitement and interest to headlines, packaging, posters, cards and so much more!
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Sepian is an original hand lettered font based primarily on Textualis, or Textura in the Blackletter family – the style most commonly associated with Gothic scripts. The addition of barbs to the terminals add to its modern and sharp look and feel. Sepian is perfect for anything in need of a wicked, gothic and medieval look. Use it for tattoos, a headline for a poster, a sinister tale and more. It is surprisingly versatile.
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Sheila is so much fun, and has excellent handwriting! She loves to write notes and letters, create headlines and subtitles - just about anywhere! She writes very deliberately, focusing on each letter form, trying to make her writing, and your designs, look as good as possible. Sometimes, Sheila likes to switch it up with her alternate letters, and she keeps some of her fancy lettering from getting too out of hand by using ligatures.
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  Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards is a symbol font featuring an assortment of over 30 hand-lettered expressions. From greeting cards to email signatures, flyers to hang tags and more, this font has many ways to express yourself in style! Most of these versatile expressions are designed with spacing considered, so if the greeting has more than one word, one version has all of the words on one line, and an alternate version has all of the words stacked on two or more lines.
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