Valentine's Day Special

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Featured Fonts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Ambassador Script™ Pro font is a digital revival of Aldo Novarese’s surprising masterpiece. Produced by Canada Type, it is the result of more than a thousand hours of work. Ambassador Script Pro features a number of OpenType® alternates, swashes, beginning and ending forms, as well as accompanying flourishes and snap-on strokes for even more ending forms. Ambassador Script also supports almost every known Latin-based language, which makes its name all the more fitting.
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A hot metal revival with art nouveau style, the Facade Condensed™ font is tall, thin, and ultra swanky. Facade Condensed's delicate beauty must be set large to achieve maximum impact.
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The Davida™ font family was designed by Louis Minott in 1965. Davida is a decorative all capital letters font, with small caps and decorative initials versions in the family.
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British type designer Ron Carpenter created the Amasis™ font family in 1990. Carpenter's goal was to design a clean, contemporary slab serif with a human touch. As opposed to more rigid geometric slab serif fonts, Amasis features softer edges and a friendly, curvaceous italic. A trained cartographer, Carpenter understood the importance of designing for legibility at small sizes and maintaining warmth in display settings.
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The Liana™ font was designed by Natalia Vasilyeva and is part of the ParaType font collection. This flowing script font includes both Latin and Cyrillic character set support.
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The Harrington™ font was developed by the Font Bureau for decorative headlines. Harrington has playful ornamental flourishes in the letterforms that give it an elegant, distinctive appearance.
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His Nibs NF
His Nibs NF was designed by Nick Curtis in 2007. This swoopy, loopy script was inspired by an "American roundhand" by John M. Bergling in 1914. Bergling’s unique talent crafted uppercase letters which manage, at the same time, to be both elegant and ostentatious. The TrueType® and OpenType versions of His Nibs NF contain the complete Latin language character set (Unicode 1252) plus support for Central European (Unicode 1250) languages as well.
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The Pound™ font from Typodermic is a distressed decorative typeface that lets you pound out meaty words with beefy strength. It features OpenType features to help break up the monotony of obviously repeating letters.
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Named for its vigilant shepherd, the Pastonchi™ font family is an invigorating Venetian typeface with a colorful and romantic appearance. With a wonderful complement of typographic and titling features, Pastonchi is prepared for the demands of fine text typography. Pastonchi's delicious forms enable it to fulfill the desires of display typographers yearning for history and innovation.
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The Chikita™ font is rooted in the work of 1930s Dutch lettering artist Martin Meÿer, whose little-known work concerned itself with the beauty of letters mostly as individual forms, rather than part of a flowing alphabet. Chikita was re-conceptualized to strike a great balance between singular and flowing beauties, resulting in a cheerful and very memorable expression.
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