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This month we are featuring new fonts and old fonts which are well suited for celebrating Valentine's Day. Also this month brings the second article on Sans Serif fonts in our Designer's Toolbox series.

Designers Toolbox
"Sans Pointy Things – Part 2"

Last month Steve Matteson, Ascender's Type Director talked about ways to organize your sans serif tool inventory. This month he explores the beauty and functionality of Geometric sans serif fonts. Read the article


Romany Font - Preview and Download Today

A new addition to the Ascender font collection, Romany is a delightful script that fits right in with Valentine's Day celebrations. This non-connecting script is filled with flowing curves and personality. Romany was revitalized by Ascender's Terrance Weinzierl to bring a touch of informal class to headlines, invitations and greeting cards.

Bernhard Fashion™

Bernhard Fashion Standard Font - Preview and Download Today Bernhard Fashion Standard is a delicate yet distinguished font that brings back the feel of the 1920's. This stylish font is another great font for greeting cards and headlines.

Euroscript™ Pro

Euroscript Pro Font - Preview and Download Today Based on the handwriting of Ralph M. Unger, Euroscript Pro flows with character and style. It is a great script font that fits perfectly when you need a handwritten feel. This Pro font has an extensive character set and shines when used in everything from advertisements to correspondence.

Futura™ Discaps Book Pro

Futura Discaps Book Font - Preview and Download Today Here is a wonderful add-on to the Futura font family! Futura Discaps Book has a very distinctive geometric style and features upper case letters that hang below the baseline. With pangs of the Bauhaus movement, Futura Discaps Book is a font that can be great for headlines, poster designs and a variety of design projects.