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Please note that features fonts from many type designers and font foundries, which may have a different EULA. You can preview the EULA for each font after it is added to the shopping cart - before it is purchased. At the bottom of this page are links to each of the EULAs for the different font foundries. offers a variety of extended use font licenses to meet the needs of its customers who want to use the fonts beyond the terms granted in the EULA:

Commercial Product License
This extended license allows fonts to be embedded into documents that are sold, such as electronic books (EPUB files or PDF files that are sold commercially). Please contact Monotype Imaging for more information on a Commercial Product license.

Multi-Workstation Font License
Simply enter the desired quantity of computers you want to install the fonts on when ordering, and the price will automatically be calculated. For more than 200 workstations please contact Monotype Imaging.

Enterprise-Wide Font License
Similar to Multi-Workstation Licenses, We can accommodate the needs of enterprises that want to install the fonts throughout their organization. If you want a price quote for a global font license, please view our Inquiry Form to contact us.

Web Fonts License
This allows fonts to be used with @font-face on websites. For more information visit our Web Fonts section or visit or - our web fonts service websites.

Application Server Font License
This allows the fonts to be installed onto a server for use with an application that is accessed by an unlimited number of users. This option is offered:
- External Use (i.e. for Internet-based applications)

Monotype Imaging can offer almost all of the fonts in our extensive catalog for use with server-based applications. We have a wide range of customers using fonts licensed from us, including websites that produce t-shirts, greeting cards, photo albums and more. We also have provided fonts to enterprises for server-based applications generating reports, PDF files, airline tickets, and many other ways. Please contact the Monotype Imaging Font Sales team for more information on server font licenses.

Hardware & Software Developer Font License
Monotype Imaging works with a variety of hardware and software developers who need to include fonts with their products. Monotype Imaging can license an existing font or create a custom font for a developer's product. Often developers require font modifications for character sets or to be tuned for a certain display environment. 

Examples of OEM and ISV Font Licenses:

  • Games
  • High Definition DVDs
  • Mobile Phones
  • GPS devices
  • Kiosks
  • Software
  • Hardware Displays

Contact Monotype Imaging to learn more about our font licensing for your particular situation.
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