How to Download Fonts

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How do I download a font after I purchase it? makes it easy for you to download the font. For every item that you purchase there will be a download link on the order confirmation page. Additionally, the receipt that is automatically emailed to you will also contain the links. Simply click on the download link, select your desktop as the destination, then click OK or Download.

How do I find my font after downloading it?

When you download a font we suggest changing the target directory to the desktop. If you can't find the download file, it may have been saved into a temporary folder that your browser saves files to. Here are 3 ways to find the download file:

1. In Windows there are temp folders to look in C:\Temp is the primary temporary folder.

2. The other temp folder is a little tricky to find, but here is an easy way to find it: Click Start, then Run. Type the following into the Command screen: %temp% (include the percent signs) then hit Enter. The Windows explorer screen will open and you can see all the temp files - the download font .zip file may be in this directory.

3. The other method is to search the hard drive for the file.

How do I download a font again?

Sign in to your account at - then select My Account at the top of the screen.
Next, select Downloads to view the fonts you have purchased. Click on the "Download Font" link to start the download process.

Note: The download link in your email receipt will expire after a certain period of time. If you think your email link has expired, try logging into the site and downloading through the 'My Account' section as described above.

What do I do after I download a font?

After downloading the font you are ready to install it. 

> Full instructions on how to install your font.