Purchasing a Font

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What payment options does the Ascender Font Store accept?

The Ascender Font Store accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.  The Ascender Font Store does NOT accept debit cards or Purchase Orders (POs) to purchase or download fonts. However, Ascender does accept POs for custom font development work or corporate-wide font licenses.  If you need to purchase a large volume of font licenses for an organization please contact our sales department to work up a custom PO.

What is a CCV number?

The CCV (Credit Card Validation) number contains 3 digits and is located on the BACK of your Discover, MasterCard and VISA card in the signature panel. On an American Express card the CCV number is a 4 digit number of the FRONT of the card printed above the embossed number.

I added something to my cart, but the cart remains empty

Try restarting the browser or try using a different browser. If you are using an older browser, consider updating or downloading an alternative. It is also possible that some Internet Security software could block some functionality of the site. Please review your security settings and consider adding AscenderFonts.com as a 'safe site.' Make sure JavaScript is enabled, as this is used for the shopping cart.