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How do I download/install a font?

For every item you purchase from there will be a download link on the order confirmation page. Additionally, the receipt that is automatically emailed to you will also contain the links. Simply click on the download link, select your desktop as the destination, then click OK or Download.

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Font installation varies depending on what kind of operating system you are currently using. Monotype Imaging has compiled detailed instructions on how to install your font based on the type of operating system.

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How do I access foreign language characters?

If your computer is set up to type in English or another Latin language by default, you will not see the multilingual font characters (for example Chinese or Arabic) when you type. You will need to use a character selection utility, or change your keyboard settings to use a multilingual font.

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Font licensing information?

You are permitted to install the font onto the number of personal computers for which you have purchased licenses. Most fonts on the website permit the fonts to be installed on up to 5 workstations as part of the base license.

You Can’t…
Typically, commercial font files cannot be modified, posted to websites, or further distributed without an extended license. Nor can the fonts be copied or installed onto a file server or web server without an extended license.

Please read the EULA for a complete description of the license grants for each font.

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I don’t see my answer, how do I contact you?

You can contact Monotype Imaging with any additional or unanswered questions and we would be happy to help you out.