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We hope you had a nice holiday break and that 2009 brings you good health and happiness! Our font team has been busy working with a variety of new type designers and foundries, so this year you can count on us to be a source of typographic inspiration.

Designers Toolbox
"Sans Pointy Things – Part 1"

This month we begin a new feature by Ascender’s Type Director, Steve Matteson. Designer’s Toolbox will feature articles on various aspects of type & typography. The first installment is an informative & entertaining overview of Sans Serif fonts. Read the article

Ballerina™ Pro Font

Ballerina Pro Font - Preview and Download Today Ballerina Pro is a beautiful script font designed by Profonts Studio in 2006. Its light weight and elegant strokes make it a refreshing and persuasive font. Ballerina Pro is a robust OpenType font with an extensive character set.

Graphique Pro™

Graphique Pro Font - Preview and Download Today

Graphique Pro is a striking display font designed by Ralph M. Unger in 2008 based on the original hot metal version created by Swiss designer Hermann Edenbenz in 1945. Its Swiss roots come through with a strong voice that commands attention.

Segoe™ Print font family

Segoe Print font family - Preview and Download Today

Ascender is proud to offer a select range of Segoe fonts licensed from Microsoft. Segoe Print is a handwriting script with friendly, legible letterforms. It comes in both regular and bold weights with the extensive WGL Pan-European character set.

Washington™ Regular

Washington Regular Pro Font - Preview and Download Today

Sometimes one of the best ways to break through the noise is with a retro-looking font. Washington was designed by Russell Bean in 1970 and works best in display sizes to show off its distinctive and quirky letterforms.