A look back at some great releases from 2010

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As we we welcome in the new year we wanted to acknowledge the craftsmanship, technical skills and creativity that can be found in so many wonderful fonts introduced in 2010 by our type designer and font foundry partners.

While it is easy to compile a 'top 10' list based on sales or downloads, we thought it would be better to highlight what we feel are the most innovative fonts from 2010 available at AscenderFonts. We hope you find inspiration in this list and welcome your comments at the AscenderFonts.com blog!

Top 10 Innovative Fonts of 2010:
  1. Hallmark Design Collection by Hallmark Cards
  2. St Ryde by Sascha Timplan
  3. Rebus Script by Terrance Weinzierl and Steve Matteson
  4. Wagner Grotesk by Johannes Wagner and Canada Type
  5. Yana by Laura Worthington
  6. Alegria by Ricardo Esteves Gomes
  7. Museo Slab by Jos Buivenga
  8. Coming Together - Font Aid IV font
  9. Ford's Folly by Jim Ford
  10. Webfonts

Hallmark Design Collection by Hallmark Cards
Hallmark fonts
2010 saw the introduction of a delightful range of typefaces created by the talented lettering artists and designers at Hallmark. This wonderful font collection was influenced by art, fashion and popular culture, and was originally intended for proprietary use in greeting cards, framed sentiments and other forms of social expression. Hallmark fonts can bring just the right personal touch to any kind of creative project.

St Ryde by Sascha Timplan
St Ryde font
The St Ryde™ design is a refreshing humanistic sans serif family by Sacha Timplan of Germany-based Stereotypes. St Ryde breaks new ground with its slight touch of a script typeface. The complete St Ryde font family comes with five weights with small caps, old style figures and other desirable OpenType® features.

Rebus Script by Terrance Weinzierl and Steve Matteson
Rebus Script
The Rebus Script™ font uses advanced OpenType features to create rebus puzzles by automatically replacing certain words or syllables with pictures. Rebus Script was developed by Terrance Weinzierl and is based on the Louisville Script™ handwriting font designed by Steve Matteson. To use Rebus Script you simply type a word like 'sun' or 'son' and those letters are automatically replaced by a picture of the sun. There are over 70 pictorial symbols in Rebus Script that make up the 'vocabulary' for automatic substitution, based on more than 300 different syllable/word combinations in the English language.

Wagner Grotesk by Johannes Wagner and Canada Type
Wagner Grotesk
This is the elaborate digital version of the original 1914 typeface by Johannes Wagner, which was later adopted by European and American type foundries. The Wagner Grotesk™ typeface is an extraordinarily versatile and functional headline face with biform letters and small caps. It is bold, condensed, clear and legible, and is good for cramming information into tight spaces To address the widest audience, Canada Type developed both regular and Pro versions (for users with OpenType-savvy applications).

Yana by Laura Worthington
The stylish Yana™ headline serif family is a remarkably versatile typeface by Laura Worthington. It features a delicious assortment of swash and small cap options that can be used from simple to complex styling. Its letters have both classic and modern touches, with a friendly formality that allow it to adorn everything from headlines to logos.

Alegria by Ricardo Esteves Gomes
The new Alegria™ font family was designed by Ricardo Esteves Gomes of Outras Fontes in Brazil. Alegria is an inspired set of fonts with a variety of special options and character sets to create multidimensional and colorful effects. The Alegria family consists of Alegria Roman, Alegria Caps, Alegria Bright and Alegria Fill.

Museo Slab by Jos Buivenga
Museo Slab
The popular Museo™ family received a big boost in 2010 with the introduction of Museo Slab. Designed by Jos Buivenga of exljbris Font Foundry, it is a robust slab serif with Museo's approachability. This powerhouse font family contains six weights with italics. Each font contains approximately 455 glyphs with extensive OpenType features including ligatures, fractions and figure styles.

Coming Together - Font Aid IV font
Coming Together
Coming Together is a special font containing over 400 ampersands contributed by almost 400 different type designers from 37 countries around the globe. The Font Aid IV Project is a charitable endeavor organized by the Socitety of Typographic Aficionados (SoTA). All money raised from the sale of the Coming Together font is donated to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to help the people of Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake of 2010. Why ampersands? Because they can be used as a graphical element to add panache, elegance and dimension to a design or document.

Ford's Folly by Jim Ford
Ford's Folly
The lively and sophisticated Ford's Folly™ script font captures the spirit of the designer's handwriting using a Sharpie® extra fine felt pen. Designed by Jim Ford, this casual font evokes an energetic feeling and has very legible letterforms without quirky distractions. It features a massive multilingual character set and advanced typographic features for use with OpenType-savvy applications.

web fonts
The year 2010 will probably best be remembered for when Web fonts saw adoption by more than 95 percent of the Web browser applications on desktop computers. New Web font services such as Fonts.com Web Fonts,  the FontsLive™ service and Webtype™ are quickly bringing high-quality commercial fonts to Web designers and developers to use with CSS @font-face. Web fonts allow websites to stop using graphics to display custom fonts in headlines, and instead link to real fonts so the text is accessible, scalable and searchable.