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July 2008 - AscenderFonts Newsletter


Silentina Font

Silentina Movie™ brings the feel of the silent movie era. It contains short blocks of text like the ones that told you where the story took place, who the heroes and villains were and other important details. Silentina Movie was designed by Ray Larabie.

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Prickly Font

Prickly™ was made for the Cartoon Network's character Zorak. Prickly is an edgy font with an expressive attitude. Prickly was designed by Chank Diesel.

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Ceroxa Font

Ceroxa™ is a filth encrusted stencil font that has rough edges to give your projects a dose of realism. Ceroxa was designed by Ray Larabie.

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Couchlover Font

Couchlover™ is a fun, nature-loving font created exclusively for bees & flowers. Couchlover is a soft and tamed font created by Chank Diesel & Friends.

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Funboy Font

Funboy™ is down with a fat line and natural, fluid strokes to give your work old-skool style with a fresh, modern edge. Designed by Ray Larabie, Funboy represents the look of marker, brush and spray-can without the hassle. Funboy also contains has alternate characters to give your tag smooth writer style.

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Churros Font

Churros™ is a super chunky handwriting font with teeth. Designed by Chank Diesel, Churros kinda looks like it was drawn with a brick. It is chunky, tasty, and oh so fun. "The kids will love it!".

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About Typodermic and Chank Fonts

Ray Larabie - Typodermic
Ray Larabie is a prolific type designer based in Vancouver, Canada. His first adventure in type design was creating freeware fonts in 1996. Then he established the Typodermic type foundry to sell commercial fonts. Ray has designed a variety of fonts for clients ranging from children's TV shows to scrapbook software. His Typodermic collection includes a versatile range of script and display faces that cover a wide a range of stylistic effects, genres and time periods. Creative professionals have found Typodermic fonts to be a great resource for design inspiration and exploration.

The Chank Company
Chank is another talented and energetic type designer who has made his mark in the font marketplace. The Chank Company is a Minneapolis-based type house led by Mister Chank Diesel. They have created a wide range of fonts that have been featured in a variety of consumer brands, museums, magazines and even an article in The Wall Street Journal. The Chank fonts collection available from Ascender includes a variety of script and decorative styles that are fun, lively and hip.