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We are thrilled to announce that the highly regarded collection of fonts from Sudtipos is now available at!

This extensive library of script and display fonts are extremely well crafted, with many featuring advanced OpenType® typographic features including ligatures, swashes and alternative characters (using OpenType-savvy programs such as the Adobe® Creative Suite® and QuarkXPress® applications, or the newest versions of Microsoft® Word and Publisher software are required to access these features).

The Affair™ font is an enormous, intricately calligraphic OpenType typeface. Alejandro Paul designed Affair based on 1950s American lettering, updated and adapted with a very Argentine wrapper. It is packed with discretionary ligatures, contextual ligatures, stylistic alternates and swashes.
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Candy Script
Inspired by Argentina and its culture, Alejandro Paul’s Candy Script™ font captures the country’s spirit. It comes from the tradition of window sign painting, but its thick hand-brushed characters – with alternates for almost every upper and lowercase letter – have a personality all their own. Candy Script is full of OpenType typographic features, with over 600 characters in all.
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The Monroe™ font family can be given different uses for its wide variety of alternate types, which makes it an ideal font for titles, logos and more. Monroe was designed by Daniel Hernandez and consists of two fonts: Light and Bold. Its main virtue is the endless number of possibilities to write a word, text or paragraph.
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The Brisa™ font shows unprecedented determination, presence of spirit and finality of confidence. Brisa is a handwritten typeface designed by Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul that captures the energy and personality of a teenager writing a note to a friend. This set of two TrueType® fonts does not require special OpenType-savvy applications.
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The Inlove™ font family is a modern take of Ariel Di Lisio’s passion for geometric and very contrasted typefaces. Designed by Ariel Di Lisio and digitized by Ale Paul, the InLove family contains light and bold options to add contrast and hierarchy. It is ideal for magazines, posters or flyers.
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The Compendium™ font is a Spencerian style formal script but with a more normalized, natural flow. This elegant font was designed by Alejandro Paul with OpenType advanced typographic features to inspire others to create calligraphic variations to beginning, middle and ends to their words.
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Lady Rene
Enabled by the characteristics of Open Type and the hard, outstanding work of designers Laura Varsky and Ale Paul, the Lady René™ font succeeds in composing texts in a simple, organic way by means of its contextual and stylistic alternates, swash characters, ligatures and connecting words. A bundle of decorative miscellanea completes the set of signs, enabling the user considerable freedom to create new typographic landscapes.
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The Theorem™ font is an interesting change from the usual calligraphic work of Angel Koziupa and Ale Paul. An art deco font with a 1990s twist in its capitals, Theorem's lowercase characters were designed to automatically achieve the best optical spacing in typesetting. To accomplish that goal, a variety of alternates were drawn for most letters, and plenty of vowel-focused ligatures were designed. The automagic of OpenType ties it all together to a make a very versatile typeface that is quite useful for packaging and many different applications of display typography.
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Buffet Script
The Buffet Script™ font is based on fantastic calligraphy by Alf Becker, arguably the greatest American sign lettering artist of all time. Buffet Script contains some of the most fascinating flowing calligraphy ever seen. Calligraphy is where the accountability of all the little extra touches, such as alternates and swashes and ligatures, is raised to a higher level than in most other type categories. Buffet Script's OpenType programming contains discretionary ligatures, stylistic and contextual alternates, interacting with each other to allow the composition of just the right word or sentence. This font is best used where lush elegance is one of the design’s requirements.
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Ministry Script
The Ministry Script™ font was designed to be a time capsule that marks both the American ad art of the 1920s, and the current new-millennium acrobatics of digital type. Designed by Ale Paul, Ministry’s OpenType features include contextual and stylistic alternates, swash characters and a galaxy of ligatures. A single face with over 1,000 characters to explore to create unique expressions for headlines and titles!View Fonts Online