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It's March and that means it's Basketball tournament time! To help celebrate the madness here are some great sports fonts, all on sale for 25% off! Also this month we are thrilled to introduce two new type foundries, Outras Fontes and Boutros International, and plenty of other new fonts you can download at AscenderFonts.com!

Designers Toolbox
"Sans Pointy Things – Part 3"

Last month Steve Matteson, Ascender's Type Director talked about the warped geometry of geometric sans serifs: how letters constructed to optically look like circles aren't circles at all. This same kind of mechanical refinement can be found in this month's category – the Grotesques. Read the article

Rockwell™ Team

Rockwell Team Font - Preview and Download Today

Looking for that classic College Team font? Rockwell is right here for you. It’s bold character set and classic outline evokes images of teams, sporting events and college clothing.


Titanium Font - Preview and Download Today If you need a slick yet “techy” plasma-typeface then Titanium steps right up to the plate. A great display font, Titanium works well with sports themed designs.


Windpower Font - Preview and Download Today This display font from Typodermic screams power and speed at the same time. Its strong upper case characters have the perfect accents to simulate movement and speed.

Quartz™ Light

Futura Discaps Book Font - Preview and Download Today Look at the scoreboard! This electrifying typeface is exactly the style you'll see on the big game score boards. Quartz Light is perfect for a variety of sports and “tech” style projects.

Resonance™ Open

Resonance Open Font - Preview and Download Today With smooth lines and curves and open characters, this font has both a retro and modern feeling. Resonance Open lends itself perfectly to a wide range of sports graphics and documents.


Basketball Dingbats Font - Preview and Download Today Hoops is a playful picture/symbol font with a variety of basketball and sports images. You can use Hoops to add a competitive edge to your documents and designs, or to simply have some fun with this picture font in your newsletter, presentation or other project.


Pokerface Font - Preview and Download Today NEW – introducing an exclusive font designed by Ascender’s Jim Ford! Pokerface is an industrious mixed-case display font devised on the theme of playing cards. Most letterforms in the Pokerface font have 'four of a kind' while some are only available in pairs. It’s a great attention-getting font and fun to use with OpenType-savvy applications!

Outras Fontes

Basketball Dingbats Font - Preview and Download Today New Type Foundry! Outras Fontes is an independent digital type foundry based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Led by the talented Ricardo Esteves Gomes, their work brings out the wonderful culture of their country with a world-wide appeal. Explore the range of type designs from Outras Fontes to add some unique flair to your work.

Boutros International

Basketball Dingbats Font - Preview and Download Today New Type Foundry! Boutros International, headed by Mourad and Arlette Boutros, has led the field of Arabic typography and design for more than 40 years. The Boutros collection of Arabic fonts is renowned for their style and technical elegance. Note: Arabic fonts require an OpenType compatible application with right-to-left writing system support.