May Font News - Jill Bell Special

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Jill Bell

This month we are pleased to feature the distintive script fonts by Jill Bell. A graduate of UCLA and Otis/Parsons, Jill is a talented lettering artist whose work can be found in logos, advertisements, book covers, movie posters, packaging and many other places. Early in her career she worked as a production artist for Saul Bass and also as a sign painter. Today she is a sought-after lettering artist creating custom work for her clients.

Jill has created a range of commercial fonts that showcase her calligraphic and handwriting finesse. We are proud to showcase some of Jill Bell's more popular fonts, and hope you too find them to be inspiring.

ITC Caribbean is earthy yet exotic. In her typeface experiment, Jill Bell combined unusual angles and curves to produce tall, thin letters whose stroke style completes the suggestion of palm trees. The typeface contains capitals and small caps. 
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ITC Stranger, a slashing, almost menacing calligraphic typeface in a narrow, upright style. In small sizes, the strokes themselves draw more attention than the letterforms. In larger sizes, the effect is a little rougher and more diffuse, as the bristled ends of some strokes become apparent.

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Gigi's informal features and abundance of surprises make it a charming font, with the spontaneity of handwriting. Tight curlicues on many of the letters, particularly the capitals, are reminiscent of a Parisian schoolgirl's script. Gigi is a delightful face, ideal for joyous events or for use in the fashion arena. 

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Carumba, like the name suggests, it exudes liveliness and festivity. The typeface includes three different styles of capital letters complemented by a versatile lower case alphabet. Carumba is perfect for anything which says FUN!

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Hollyweird is a bold display script with intentionally shaky strokes and tightly curled flourishes. The capitals are ideal as initials and the lowercase is best used tightly set. Hollyweird is a good choice for any work requiring a casual chic appearance.

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Bruno was named for one of Jill Bell's cats, and she was inspired by her lettering on a note she wrote to buy cat food! Bruno and Bruno Bold captures the spirit of handwriting with special flourishes in the captial letters.

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ITC Clover's design is even, rounded, and friendly. It has the look of the loopy cursive writing taught in grade school, although its shapes are much more controlled. Capitals are decorated with generous loops and curlicues, which combine with a lowercase alphabet that is only reserved in relation to the capitals. The letters almost dance across the page even when they are static, and they bring their own dynamism to any animation.

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