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November Font News from continues to grow! This month we are featuring over 1100 new fonts licensed from International TypeFounders (ITF). This impressive library contains wonderful script, display and text fonts with a wide range of tasty flavors to spice up your projects. The ITF library contains these diverse collections: ABCTypes, Alan Meeks Collection, Mecanorma Type Collection, Prime Graphics and Red Rooster Collection.

Canterbury Fonts
Canterbury comes in two different type styles with a charming set of swash capital letters. Originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1920, Canterbury has been updated and is now featured in the Red Rooster Collection.
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Harry Pro fonts 
Harry Pro is a brand-new release from the Red Rooster Collection. This is a digital revival of a 1960's typeface and features 10 different fonts in a variety of weights from thin to fat with fun OpenType features.
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Jubilee Lines Font
This all-caps font is a gem from the Mecanorma Collection. Jubilee Lines features an intricate engraved pattern that gives your words a dash of flourish and a voice of authority.
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Colosseum Sans font
The Alan Meeks Collection features a variety of text and display fonts from this talented English type designer. The Colosseum Sans Family contains 8 fonts, and can be used to great impact in both headines and body copy.
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Rivoli Initials font
This titling font from the Red Rooster Collection is based on the original design by William T. Sniffin. Rivoli Initials is an all-caps font that has a decorative pen-drawn appearance.
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This is a wonderful script font designed by Hal Taylor. Jeeves comes in both light and bold weights and features an extensive set of OpenType features including stylistic alternatives, ligatures and swashes.
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Sayer Script Font
The Mecanorma Collection features a wide variety of script fonts, including this gem designed by Manfred Sayer. The Sayer Script family has three versatile weights: light, bold and black.
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Glowworm Fonts
This is a popular tubular-looking font which comes in regular and compressed weights. Glowworm was designed by Bogdan Zochowski and is part of the Mecanorma Font Collection.
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Boracho fonts
The Boracho family was designed by Karl Nayeri and is featured in the Prime Graphics collection. Unlike most other handwriting fonts, Boracho contains four standard styles (regular, italic, bold and bold italic) which makes it useful in both body copy and headlines.
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Hemingway Pro fonts
NEW - Introducing Hemingway Pro, a fresh typeface family from Alessandro Segalini. He was inspired by the prize winning novel “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. Like the novel, the Hemingway Pro fonts have an organic feeling that capture the many moods of nature.View Fonts Online
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