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Subscriber Edition | November 2010
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New Font Highlights!
This month we are featuring two foundries now available at — Borges Lettering and Stereotypes. These new font collections add an exciting array of styles and choices to our growing catalogue of superb fonts!

Borges Fonts
Borges Lettering features the typefaces and lettering design of Charles Borges de Oliveira, a talented lettering artist and graphic designer with a delightful repertoire of handwriting script fonts.

Get creative with Alpine Script, an adventurous and casual brush-style typeface designed by Charles Borges de Oliveira. This stunning typeface contains 29 alternate characters waiting to be explored. Great for anything from signage to culinary packaging.
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The Enchanted font is a unique contemporary font that mimics the style of handwriting and brush scripts, yet it is neither. Enchanted can be used in logos, captions and large bodies of text. Subtle spacing between characters makes Enchanted stylish yet highly legible.
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Sarah Script
Designed by Charles Borges de Oliveira, Sarah Script features a decorative handwriting style with a brush-drawn appearance. It includes 8 alternate characters that can be accessed using the ALT key with the numeric keypad, or with an OpenType savvy application.
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Bounce Script is a friendly, active hand-lettered upright font from Borges Lettering with an appealing “bounce” characteristic that gives it charm. The Bounce Script font is perfect for headings and logos or wherever a brush typeface is needed. Bounce Script font is available in OpenType with five alternate characters.
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Stereotypes Font Foundry
Stereotypes is a Germany-based type foundry showcasing a range of new fonts designed by Sascha Timplan. The expression “Stereotypes” is about the love of typography and music—it has nothing to do with cliché ideas!

St Friska
Based on old movie title lettering, the headline font St Friska is reminiscent of Art Deco while its clean open design feels contemporary and timeless. St Friska comes with a variety of OpenType features, so designers can play with it like LEGO™ pieces and use it alongside old or new typefaces.
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 St Ryde
St Ryde, a humanistic sans-serif designed by Sascha Timplan, features a slight touch of a script typeface, with flat yet rounded stroke endings. The complete St Ryde Family comes with five weights, including real matching italics; you can choose from thin, light, regular, medium, and bold. St Ryde has an extensive character set and OpenType features, including small caps, lining proportional and tabular figures, and small caps figures.
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St Atmos
St Atmos was the first commercial typeface of Stereotypes—and the first of what has become a significant collection of headline fonts. The massive ink traps in St Atmos give this typeface something of a three-dimensional feeling.
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St Transmission
St Transmission, one of the first ambitious projects for Stereotypes, offers a complete family with multiple weights and true italics. Transmission supports an extended Latin character set, plus Cyrillic and Greek.
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St Mika
St Mika is big, black and beautiful. A little bit clumsy, St Mika has his very own style of serifs and letterforms, making him very unique. If you want to yell or scream at someone, St Mika is not your partner. This typeface is more about harmony and big letters.
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