Spooky Halloween Fonts

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With Halloween coming up soon, we thought it might be some fun to showcase some of our favorite scary, haunting and ghoulish fonts. While some of these might be considered novelty fonts, most of these can be used for more than just Halloween events. So here's some eye candy to feed your imagination and creativity!

Calcium HMK

‘Dem bones, ‘dem bones! The Calcium HMK™ typeface family leads off our Halloween font parade. This is a timely font from the Hallmark™ Design Collection. The family contains both a regular weight and an outline version for special impact.

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The Chiller™ font is from the classic Letraset font library. Chiller is a handwritten style font featuring ink splatters between characters. This technique gives a haunting look to its letterforms. Like most display oriented fonts, Chiller looks best at larger sizes.

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The Graveblade™ font is brought to us by Typodermic. Sitting here like it flew right off an 80s heavy metal album cover, Graveblade has sharp, menacing points and will turn your Halloween up to eleven. Smell the glove! :)

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Stenblak Bold

The Stenblak™ font is a new blackletter style design with distressed letterforms on an uneven baseline. Designed by Terrence Weinzierl, Stenblak’s stencil-oriented design and grungy texture give words a rough and tumble personality.

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Grindel Grove

The Grindel Grove™ font was one of the first typefaces designed by Laura Worthington. First impressions may conjure up images of vampires or creatures lurking in the depths of a deep, dark wood! Second impressions may include pirates, fairies or elves. The beauty of this font is the versatility it offers.

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And last but not least, it’s the Creepy™ font from the Monotype® Typeface Library. Yes, Halloween wouldn’t be safe without a well-designed blood-dripping font. This classic Halloween font works well in everything from Halloween party invitations to Halloween wedding announcements (our best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Count Dracula).

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