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Handwriting fonts are one of today's most popular typeface styles. This is most likely due to their ability to capture a certain personality and give it a voice. You can find handwriting fonts everywhere from advertisements on TV and in newspapers & magazines to use in greeting cards and newsletters.

What makes handwriting fonts so interesting to work with is their unique and sometimes quirky artistic letterforms. This month we are featuring a variety of handwriting script fonts that can let your words speak out in a very expressive form. Enjoy!

Handwriting fonts

Script Fonts- Preview and Download Today

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Felt Tip Roman Bold

Endurance Pro - Preview and Download Today
Felt Tip Roman™ Bold has a humorous, yet natural feeling and conjures up images of an Entrepreneur scribbling down ideas or a student's notes from that day's class! Felt Tip Roman is famous among Harry Potter fans as the font used for Hagrid's handwriting.

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Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl - Preview and Download Today
Birthday Girl™ is a sweet, charming handwriting font that has a very hip yet young feel to it... It captures the essence of teenagers with its youthful flourishes and girlish charm.

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Andy Bold

LeBeau - Preview and Download Today
Andy™ Bold is a casual typeface with a controlled spontaneity that still offers legibility needed for long documents. Its free yet neat character set suits the professional business person..

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Heroid - Preview and Download Today
Heroid™ is an ALL CAPS font that, with its SUPER HERO characteristics. It can transform the meekest text into WORDS OF ACTION. Heroid proudly flexes its letterforms in and is one super typeface strong enough to punch its way through a steel door!

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