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Subscriber Edition | October 2010
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This month we are very proud to announce that fonts from the renowned Hallmark™ Design Collection are now available! The Ascender team worked closely with Hallmark to develop OpenType and TrueType versions of their finest script fonts. This exciting collection has a wide selection of fonts ranging in style from informal handwriting to formal calligraphic scripts. All these new Hallmark fonts are available for download with a workstation license from AscenderFonts, and also from our FontsLive.com site for use as web fonts to spice up your web typography!

Kat Tail font
Kat Tail HMK comes in two weights: Regular and Bold. The lively, pointed-pen style of this handwritten script will appeal to those with an eye for sophistication.
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Hasty font
As its name suggests, Hasty HMK feels breezy and casual, offering a touch of youthfulness to this monoweight font.
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  Forget-Me-Not font
Forget-Me-Not HMK is an informal script font that adds a lively, easily legible flair to large and small text.
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Cluff font
With the feel of a felt-tipped pen, Cluff HMK offers a print style that’s friendly, lighthearted and casual. The Cluff HMK family includes Regular and Bold fonts.
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Ottum font
The Ottum HMK family features Regular and Bold weights. Inspired by classic script forms, Ottum HMK can be effective when a touch of femininity is required.
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Geeoh font
The feminine curlicues in Geeoh HMK add a touch of innocence to this highly legible script. Geeoh HMK comes in Regular and Bold.
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Starbabe font
Starbabe HMK is a loose, handwritten font family that projects an informal personality. Its two weights can be used to give your words extra emphasis.
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 Bix Antique Script font
Bix Antique Script HMK is a copperplate-style script font family. It lends a spirit of formality and respectability to any project. Bix Antique Script HMK comes in two weights: Regular and Bold.
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McBoo font
McBoo HMK is based on brush style writing. This vibrant font offers a distinctive energy with a sense of fashion.
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Okrien font
Okrien HMK evokes a tribal or rustic feel that emulates carved letters and a touch of the exotic.
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Succotash font
The Succotash HMK font family includes three weights: Regular, Black and Bold. This attention-getting font family has a sense of urgency and promises to let your text stand out in any application.
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Havix font
The Havix HMK is graceful script font with both Regular and Bold weights to give your words emphasis when needed. Turn to Havix when your project calls for an elegant calligraphic style without excessive flourishes.
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Jewels font
Jewels HMK is a youthful font with bold brushstrokes. It will add energy to casual text and give a welcome voice to children’s projects.
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Wallow font
Wallow HMK is a playful script font with a child’s handwritten look. This bi-form font is full of life and childlike authenticity.
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