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Special Edition | October 2010
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We've decided to dedicate this special edition newsletter to the addition of two spendid font foundries from Australia: Bean & Morris and Type Associates. Together these new font collections provide a more diverse, unique and professional font selection to our customers.

Bean & Morris Fonts is a collaboration of two of the most prolific personalities in Australian lettering, logo design and typography: Russell Bean and Keith Morris. The Bean & Morris font collection features a creative range of typefaces including text, display and script fonts.

Shire Script™ is a new script typeface from Bean & Morris with OpenType features including discretionary ligatures that help create an informal, legible appearance. Variety in the lowercase x heights and connectors give an overall effect of handwritten headings and text.
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Waratah™ is a contemporary sans serif typeface from Bean & Morris that is perfect for simple display settings that require a font with a warm, easy-to-read appearance. Named after the Waratah flower, the emblem of the state of New South Wales, the Waratah Gothic and Italic fonts have a fresh, friendly personality.
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Libran™ and Libran Small Caps provide surprising legibility at all sizes but perform best in semi-display situations. The diminutive serifs add a suggestion of the hand crafted origins without obstructing its clean, contemporary lines. Libran's generous x-height, open counters and short ascenders have been carefully proportioned to maximize reproduction qualities, easy reading and a touch of classic roman clarity.
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Type Associates is an Australian-based typographic services group formed in 1993. The Type Associates font collection features high quality typefaces created by Russell Bean and other talented type designers with an emphasis on practical, enduring type designs.

Beanwood Script™ is modeled after the unique penmanship of Dave Wood, internationally acclaimed calligrapher and illustrator. Its ragged appearance screams for use at Halloween and other occasions calling for an organic or rustic appearance.
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Rhodamine Blue™ is a script style font designed by Russell Bean with characters that look like they have been hand-written with a marker pen. With some interesting and unusual traits, Rhodamine Blue has an informal, but distinct appearance.
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The Bougainville™ font family is versatile display font family from Type Associates. Bougainville has many inspirations and features a high axis in a compact, contemporary design. Bougainville was named after the renowned eighteenth-century French mathematician and explorer, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, who was responsible for naming the South Sea Islands and colorful tropical flora he discovered along his journey. Bougainville includes weights ranging from light to heavy and is perfect for heading and display use.
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