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This month we are happy to introduce a new look for our monthly newsletter and showcase some superb fonts that can spice up your creative palette. We appreciate all the wonderful comments from our customers, and are happy to tell you that we have even more fun and inspiring fonts in the works! The entire AscenderFonts.com team remains dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and you can contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or suggestions.

Captain Quill™

Captain Quill - Preview and Download Today
Captain Quill is a lively calligraphic script designed by Jim Ford, based on the handwriting of the fictional pirate Paul Pierce, aka Captain Quill. While vacationing in Jamaica, Jim Ford stumbled on a small chest buried in the sand with the diary of Paul Pierce. In the captain's diary, Jim discovered Quill's very curious form of handwriting that inspired him to create this clever handwriting style script font.

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Endurance™ Pro

Endurance Pro - Preview and Download Today
The name Endurance lends itself to the fact that the typeface was designed to work well under extreme conditions from billboards to mobile phone screens. Endurance Pro was designed with on-screen legibility as a key attribute, and with careful detailing for a more refined appearance in large sizes. Endurance Pro has an extensive character set with WGL support (Greek, Cyrillic and Eastern European characters) to meet the needs of multinational companies and creative professionals who desire OpenType's typographic features (with old style figures, proportional figures, fractions, superiors and a slash zero).

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Louisville Script™

Louisville Script - Preview and Download Today
Louisville Script is a casual script font based loosely on the handwriting of its designer, Steve Matteson. It was named for the town of Louisville, Colorado (pronounced "Lewis-ville"). Louisville Script is a youthful, informal handwriting script font. It is perfect for casual correspondence from cards, scrapbooks, menus and flyers to advertisements and newsletters.

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LeBeau - Preview and Download Today
LeBeau is a new display typeface designed by Steve Matteson based on the brush-lettering style from the turn of the 20th Century. Lebeau is an all-caps font with a fun, art nouveau attitude and can be used for festive posters and fliers, greeting cards or invitations.

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Souvenir Gothic™

Souvenir Gothic - Preview and Download Today
The Souvenir Gothic Family has 8 fonts that cover a versatile range of weights. What makes Souvenir Gothic is crisp and as clean as a whistle, featuring barely perceptible serifs, and can be used at both text and display sizes.

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2491 - Preview and Download Today
TwentyFourNinetyOne™ [2491] is a new font designed by Steve Mehallo that captures the Dutch-based 'de Stijl' art movement. TwentyFourNinetyOne features a futuristic rethinking of letterforms based on a reinterpretation of a 1919 alphabet drawn by Theo van Doesburg. It works best in headlines and display sizes, and can be used to inspire, amuse and seize a reader's attention.

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Tahoma™ Small Caps

Tahoma Small Caps - Preview and Download Today
Tahoma is one of Microsoft's most popular sans serif typeface families, and was originally designed by Matthew Carter and hinted by Thomas Rickner to address the challenges of on-screen display, particularly at small sizes. The new Tahoma Small Caps fonts are a welcome typographic enhancement for designers. The small caps were designed so their weight matches the upper case letters, providing a consistent, attractive appearance (unlike using the Small Caps feature in many programs that squash and distort the letterforms to make pseudo-small caps).

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